Insights and Analyses on the New Administration

The new administration will likely mean changes for you and your business. How prepared are you?

As the dust settles on the new administration, many changes will begin to emerge. New leadership in key administrative and regulatory bodies will likely institute policies that have sweeping implications for businesses across America. But changes won’t just come from within the administration itself. Across the world, other countries may amend their policies in anticipation of—or in response to—US laws. And on the global scene, new and existing international laws may intersect differently with regulatory demands at home. Amidst all this uncertainty, it’s important to be vigilant—and prepared. Our lawyers worked to help you stay on top of the legal and regulatory changes forecasted during the post-election transition period. We’ll continue to provide you with analyses and insights as the new administration takes shape. Check back frequently for updated analyses, news coverage, and upcoming events related to policy changes in the current administration. 


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