Creating Lease Documents To Serve Clients' Long-Term Needs

Leases are dynamic legal documents that serve multiple purposes. Unlike single-transaction documents which, for example, transfer title or create a lien to secure the repayment of debt, a lease must provide a substantive and procedural roadmap that guides the landlord-tenant relationship through a mutually beneficial agreement which often spans decades. Parties to a lease require experienced lawyers capable of preparing documents that anticipate the plethora of issues which might arise, and who can explain lease terms and their potential ramifications in clear, understandable language.

The lawyers of Hunton & Williams LLP's leasing practice work closely with lessors and lessees to draft agreements that describe each party's rights and obligations accurately and thoroughly. We understand each lease transaction is unique and plays a key role in helping the client achieve strategic objectives. We gain a thorough understanding of our clients' businesses, to which we apply our knowledge of market and financial forces and our extensive negotiation skills, to create flexible, forward-looking leases that meet specific needs and protect client interests over the long term.

We advise clients in the full range of lease transactions, including:

  • Office, industrial, retail and multifamily residential leases;
  • Cell tower leases;
  • Subleases;
  • Leasehold mortgages; and 
  • Build-to-suit leases.

Our team has extensive experience representing clients from a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, professional services, health care and other sectors. We work closely with lawyers from the firm’s corporate, tax, environmental, real estate, regulatory and other relevant practice areas to ensure that lease transactions are structured in a manner that addresses broader business risks and opportunities.