Our attorneys are on the front lines of emerging environmental issues - in the Supreme Court and other federal and state courts, with federal and state regulatory agencies, including EPA, Interior, the Corps of Engineers and before Congress.

Since the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Air Act in 1970, environmental regulation has constantly evolved, and continues to do so today. The expanding framework of international, federal, state and local environmental law has become increasingly complex, and businesses are hard pressed to meet the ever-changing demands of legislators, regulators and industry.

At Hunton & Williams LLP, we leverage the experience and knowledge of our environmental lawyers to develop real-world solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. Some of our attorneys have been practicing in this area since the emergence of national environmental legislation in the 1970s—during the drafting of original environmental legislation—and we have continued to expand our role as thought leaders as the range and scope of environmental concerns has broadened.

We have represented clients in matters involving virtually every major federal statute and numerous state laws, and have led precedent-setting legal challenges from the District of Columbia to California, in state and federal courts and at the appellate level, including several US Supreme Court cases.

The strength of our overall practice is a testament to the extensive skills and deep knowledge of our individual attorneys in specific legal and technical issues. For example, attorneys in our water practice have been involved in every major rulemaking under the Clean Water Act since its inception, including the original 402 and 404 permitting regulations. Our air and climate change attorneys have been involved in every major greenhouse gas (GHG) public nuisance litigation suit to date. We bring to bear not only substantive knowledge of the environmental laws but also procedural experience under the Administrative Procedure Act and a working understanding of agency practice. Our experience uniquely positions us to identify and creatively overcome issues in individual proceedings as and when those rules are applied.

We represent Fortune 500 companies, closely held businesses and trade associations operating in virtually every sector of the economy, from manufacturing, natural resources, chemicals, energy, coal, oil and gas, to real estate, construction, transportation, retail and waste disposal, among others. As even local environmental matters often have national implications, we coordinate the work of attorneys from throughout the firm to ensure that client solutions address the potential impact of an issue or dispute wherever our clients do business.

We advise clients over the entire lifecycle of an environmental issue, from initial legislative and policy developments, through implementation, compliance, responses to enforcement actions and court challenges. We help clients understand the effects of new legislation and court decisions, and work with them to determine the best course of action when regulators and the courts are silent on specific issues or rules. Our attorneys provide counsel in the full range of environmental matters, including air, water, natural resources, hazardous waste, brownfield remediation, toxic torts, asbestos, and climate change issues.

We work closely with attorneys from throughout the firm's corporate, real estate, tax, bankruptcy and other practice areas to ensure that environmental issues relating to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, real estate purchases and leases, and other key transactions are addressed with the client's overall business objectives in mind.