Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) transactions typically touch more areas within an organization than traditional IT outsourcing transactions. Processes that our lawyers have handled are as diverse as:

  • finance and accounting (including A/R, A/P, general ledger, budgeting, financial reporting and travel & entertainment reimbursement),
  • customer care,
  • call center,
  • retail store operations,
  • insurance claims processing,
  • distribution,
  • procurement and supply chain,
  • training and many more.

All of these processes offer opportunities for substantial savings and process improvements. Structured thoughtfully, some can drive new revenue. At the same time, these processes can raise significant challenges, often involving intricate compliance mechanisms and internal controls and presenting significant potential liability if not handled appropriately. BPO transactions that involve multiple processes delivered from multiple/changing source jurisdictions can become exponentially more complex. Capitalizing on your opportunities without stumbling over the hurdles requires legal advisors with the experience, vision, platform and network to guide your steps.

Hunton & Williams LLP lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of these transactions, both in single process and multi-process format, delivered domestically and sourced from a multitude of jurisdictions around the world. Our ability to deploy an integrated team of experienced partners, associates and para-professionals across the globe on your behalf who have cutting edge BPO experience with each of the major service providers and sourcing advisors will be key to the success of your transaction. As compliance with a particular legal regime can be critical depending on the nature of the transaction, we frequently deploy regulatory lawyers from various subject matter areas within our firm to assist with analysis and development of necessary compliance structures. We are also glad to work with the client's internal and external subject matter experts in these areas.

We have set forth below a brief sampling of certain representative BPO transactions handled by our lawyers for your consideration:

Recent BPO Experience

  • Represented a Fortune 500 specialty retailer in comprehensive multi-process transactions, including distribution, finance and accounting and involving over a dozen vendors and multiple service locations.
  • Represented one of the largest US utilities in a multi-process $1.6 billion business process transformation and outsourcing arrangement with IBM, including finance and accounting, customer contact center, sales center, supply chain and human resources and communications functions. This transaction included a "big bang/single day" transition.
  • Represented a global chemical manufacturer in the establishment of an outsourced shared services center with Hewlett Packard in Poland and India, providing finance and accounting services to locations in approximately 22 different countries in the EU and Africa.
  • Represented one of the world's largest retailers in a unique store operations transaction that was one of only two of its type at the time it was completed. We also represented this client in multi-shore finance and administration and call center transactions involving Accenture and IBM.
  • Represented a cutting edge interactive marketing company in the near complete outsourcing of its back office operations, including finance, administration and media management to Perot Systems.
  • Represented one of the largest US energy companies in the development and operation of its Sourcing Center of Excellence, and assisted with a series of BPO transactions on their behalf, including architectural, call center, property management, and records management services.
  • Represented one of America’s largest financial services companies in the outsourcing to DST Systems of mutual fund record-keeping and shareholder servicing functions and related services (regulated by SEC through Broker-Dealer regulations).
  • Represented a natural gas utility in outsourcing of its customer care/call center, finance and accounting, engineering and construction and supply chain functions to Wipro. Involved competitive procurement, with Capgemini, Progeon and Vertex involved through down selection.

Global Privacy Experience
Privacy, information management and data security strategies are key components of almost every outsourcing transaction. One of our key differentiators is the coupling of our outsourcing experience with the resources of our global information management team, which Computerworld ranked as the top privacy advisor for four consecutive years. Our ability to deal with the myriad issues raised by moving and processing personal and sensitive data across the globe is quite helpful to clients as they construct their web of data flow and services. We stay at the leading edge of privacy policy development around the world through our think tank, The Centre for Information Policy Leadership @ Hunton & Williams.